If you joined the business before 12 March 2011, you probably have benefits in the Defined Benefit (DB) Section of the Mitchells & Butlers Pension Plan (the Plan). The DB Section of the Plan is closed to new members and future accrual.

We sometimes refer to ‘employed deferred members’ in this site. You’re classed as an employed deferred member if you were an active member of the DB Section on 12 March 2011 and you’re still working for Mitchells & Butlers. You might also have a pension building up in DC Choice. 

If you haven’t yet started to draw your pension from the DB Section, your deferred benefits are held for you in the Plan until you either: 

  • retire and become a pensioner member, drawing your benefits from the Plan 
  • leave the Plan and transfer your benefits to another pension arrangement 
  • die, when the Plan will pay benefits to your dependants.