View your pension details online


Early next year, XPS will write to all members to explain how to register for their online member portal. Through their portal you will be able to: 

  • See details of your DB benefit entitlement in the Plan, along with your service history, personal details and data 
  • View digital copies of correspondence from XPS – such as your monthly pension payslip and annual increase letter (including the October 2022 increase letter) – if you have already, or go on to, retire from the Plan 
  • Update your address and nominated beneficiary details 
  • And if you are yet to retire from the Plan:
    - View an illustrative transfer value of your DB entitlement in the Plan
    - In most cases, produce your own early, normal or late retirement illustrations so you can see an estimate of the options available to you from the DB Section of the Plan at various points in time.