The Mitchells & Butlers Pension Plan was set up to provide benefits on a Defined Benefit (DB) and later Defined Contribution (DC) basis. The Plan is managed by a Trustee Board, whose directors (the Trustees) must always act in the best interests of the membership.

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Independent Trustees:
Jonathan Duck (Chairman)
Law Debenture Pension Trust Corporation plc Chris Edger 

Appointed by the Company:
AAA Trustee Limited
20-20 Trustee Services Limited 

Nominated by the members:
Eamonn Lavin
Rita Mitchell
Clair Slevin

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It's hoped that you won’t have a reason to complain about your pension benefits in the Plan, or the service you receive from the Company or the administrator. However, if an issue arises, you should first speak to the Plan administrators, XPS Administration, at the address here who will attempt to resolve it informally. 

If your complaint can't be resolved informally and you’re dissatisfied, you may follow the formal complaints procedure which XPS Administration will take you through.